Puppy Grenade Projects

Projects Created by Puppy Grenade and Jacob Elijah.

Shadow Tactics Collaborations

Puppy Grenade originated from an art studio known as Shadow Tactics. Started by Jacob Elijah, it also included Noel Jacob and Steve Albertson. The studio created freelance illustration & design work for a variety of clients including: White Wolf Publishing, Green Ronin Publishing, Image Comics, Marvel Comics and Troma Entertainment.

Below are a few select projects with friends of ours:

DR. Killbot: Albums

Jacob Elijah created the art and design for Dr. Killbot's first two albums in addition to posters and flyers.

Dr. Killbot is electro-Nerd-Punk with bit of sleazy funk and a sea shanty. Helmed By Steve Albertson.

Album Collaborations:

  • Supersonic Hellbeast (2004)
  • Creature compendium (2009)

Planet Random: H.O.P.E. 

Planet Random creative, headed By Raymond Ayala creates a variety of interesting  and diverse Comic Books. Jacob Elijah collaborated on the H.O.P.E. comic book providing mechanical designs, pinups and  a short story. 

Comic Book Collaboration:

  • H.O.P.E: Tales of the Nuclear Family