Shipping? What, When and How do you ship stuff?

We ship out your order within 48 hours, Monday-Friday, through USPS priority mail. It takes about 3-5 business days after your purchase has shipped. If you need something sent express or need a shipment through another carrier contact us at HERE.


Shipping costs? How much is it?

Shipping rates depend on the item size and weight. Purchases over $100 ship FREE! Use "freeship100" at check out.


Quality? What is the quality like for your products?

In general we pride ourselves in making quality things you can hold. Objects that last.

Greeting Cards: We print all our Greeting Cards on premium 16 pt. ultra-thick card stock. Which is extra durability for a lasting impression. There are a few excepts for specialized card prints (Ex. Recycled Matte stock).

Screen Printed Posters: All our posters are hand Screen-Printed on quality Cougar Paper with industry premium TW inks. Due to the nature of screen printing some variation can occur during the printing process.

Books: All our books are printed on thick quality paper with various card stock covers. We focus on premium materials and low print runs to make objects you want to keep. See the product descriptions for more details


Secure? Is shopping secure on

Yes. We Use Squarespace Commerce which is powered by Stripe. The system is level 1 PCI compliant and uses 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure credit card data is safe and secure.


Who or what is a Puppy Grenade?

Puppy Grenade is a creative brand that generates unique products and conceptual projects with a focus on tearing apart the conventions of pop culture. Basically, pop culture has had it's fun now it's time to make fun of it. Conceived and created by Jacob Elijah aka Oh! Oozi. Stuff we make includes T-Shirts, Artworks, Prints and maybe some weird oddities.


RETURN POLICY? What is it?

We will fix any mistakes that we have made. If you were shipped the wrong item, let us know and we’ll do our best to replace or refund the price of the item. If you ordered the wrong size or item let us know and we will exchange or replace the item, unfortunately you will incur any additional shipping costs. With any problem, just make sure you let us know within 10 days of your purchase. We only allow a 10-day window for returning items and all items must be unused with all related packaging. Due to the limited nature of designs there may be situations where we can’t replace the same item, in those situations we will contact you with the available options. Hopefully none of this will apply to you and your purchase will go smoothly!

Ship Returns/Exchanges to the address below, contact us BEFORE any returns are shipped:

Puppy Grenade
P.O.Box 180313
Chicago, Il


Privacy Policy? What is it?

Your Information is just that, your information. We only use your information for processing orders. If you signup for our mailing list we also send you a few interesting creative newsletters. We do not share your information with any other sources.



WOW! I really like your stuff, it’s sooo cool, mind-blowing and whatever. Can you design my website, my business card and my dogs birthday card?

“Sure. I provide many design services. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll let you know what I can create for you.” -Jacob Elijah (CONTACT JACOB HERE)


I’m also a creative artist who wants to create things and stuff, can I get in on the action?

It never hurts to ask. If your stuff is incredible, dope or inventive contact us HERE. Just be aware that we are constantly developing ideas and there is a possibility that ideas you may have could be similar to ideas we already have in development. Legally these things need to be mentioned. As an artist you should always be careful with your ideas and concepts.


Bonus Question? If you could merge two animals together to create a new one, what two would you pick and why?

Good question! I will have to ponder this... Hmm, Well, I would combine a Bunny and a Bat. Just imagine walking at night and you see a cute bunny hopping along. You would probably say "awwww."... Then the bunny sprouts slimy bat wings out of its back and you go "AHHHHH!!!"


Slimy? I read your comment about "Bat Wings being slimy" and I demand an apology!

I apologize to the Bat conservationists around the world for saying bat wings are slimy. Apparently my ignorance got the best of me. Bats are obviously cute.